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Welcome to Northwest ATTC
Serving Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington

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The Northwest Addiction Technology Transfer Center (NWATTC) (formerly Northwest Frontier Addiction Technology Transfer Center, or NFATTC) serves Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska.

NWATTC provides high quality, credible informational materials, trainings and consultation on implementing evidence-based addiction treatment practices; current areas of emphasis include:

click here for SBIRT Training brochure

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NWATTC also offers other workforce development programs and tools -- follow the links below and on the navigation bar to the left.

This initiative is a collaboration of clinicians, scientists and trainers whose purpose is to create user-friendly treatment tools and products that are practical and effective. Products include:

If you are interested in having help on implementing evidence-based practices, join your colleagues on the ATTC/Niatx Network of Practice website.

The ATTC Messenger -- subscribe here -- quick links to recent topics:

Online Courses

Check out ATTC's Health eKnowledge portal, where you will find free and low cost courses of interest to addiction counselors and others who work in behavioral health.

Recommended Resources

  • NIDAMED website for primary care providers concerned about substance use among their patients--features tools, information, webinars and more

NWATTC is part of Oregon Health & Science University's Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine Health Services Research Division. The ATTC Network is a nationwide, multidisciplinary resource for professionals in the addictions treatment and recovery services field. The Network was established in 1993 by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). NWATTC is part of Region X.

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