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Featuring a brief overview of the Revised Pacific Southwest ATTC's SBIRT Curriculum.

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NEW Product! Hospital SBIRT: The Reasons    

View, download, and share this piece, which outlines six major reasons to consider the use of SBIRT in a hospital setting. First in a series of Research Snapshots developed by the National SBIRT ATTC, this one-pager captures exactly what you need to know about SBIRT in hospitals--and nothing you don't need.




The National SBIRT ATTC is funded to advance SBIRT as a timely public health model worthy and in need of advancement to reach its full potential impact on the health of Americans. With our partner (NORC), we hope to help healthcare providers utilize the public health model of screening for substance use and providing advice or counseling to their patients who use alcohol or other drugs in risky or harmful ways.


The National SBIRT ATTC is housed at the Institute for Research, Eduction,and Training in Addictions (IRETA) in Pittsburgh, PA. www.ireta.org

To further expand our capacity and deepen our expertise, the National SBIRT ATTC is partnering with the University of Chicago’s National Opinion Research Center (NORC) to help healthcare and EAP providers utilize the SBIRT model.




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