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This page contains links to resources from a Central East conference, training, seminar, or webinar. Resources may be presentations provided by a speaker or articles highlighted and/or discussed.

Opioid Overdose Epidemic: What Healthcare Providers Need to Know                     2016 – 02/29, 03/16, 04/11

  1. Relationship between Nonmedical Prescription-Opioid Use and Heroine Use, New England Journal of Medicine
  2. BHMEDS App
  3. HCV Current Initiative: Addressing the National Epidemics of Prescription Opioid Misuse and Hepatitis C Through Unique Partnerships,
  4. Increases in Drug and Opioid Overdose Deaths — United States, 2000–2014, MMWR, January 1, 2016
  5. Opioid Abuse in the U.S. and HHS Actions to Address Opioid-Drug Related Overdoses and Deaths, ASPE Issue Brief
  6. Sublingual and Transmucosal Buprenorphine for Opioid Use Disorder: Review and Update, SAMHSA Advisory
  7. The Prescription Opioid Epidemic: An Evidence-Based Approach, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


Providing Answers: Treatment and Prevention in the Opioid Prescription Epidemic                         2016 03/11

  1. National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network (CTN) Mid-Atlantic Node Spring Training Conference, 6 pgs
  2. The Opioid Abuse Problem in the United States, Theodore J. Cicero, PhD, 44 pgs
  3. Pain Management: The Provider's Dilemma, D. Andrew Tompkins, Greg Hobelmann, Peggy Compton, 28 pgs 
  4. Developing Methods to Combat Opioid Overdose, Kelly Dunn, Claudia Yepez-Laubach, Frederick Barrett, Michael Fingerhood, George Bigelow, 22 pgs
  5. Overdose Risk & Naloxone in Medical & Pharmacy Settings: Prescribe to Prevent, Traci C. Green, 24 pgs
  6. Staying Alive Program, Overdose Prevention, Nathan Fields, 18 pgs
  7. Treatment of Prescription Opioid Dependence: Main Results and Long-term Follow-up outcomes from the Prescription Opioid Addiction Treatment Study (POATS), Roger D. Weiss, 39 pgs
  8. Buprenorphine Treatment Within a Primary Care Clinc, Michael Fingerhood, 13 pgs
  9. Expanding Capacity and Improving Quality with Collaborative Care: The CoOP Model, Mary Anne C. Stephens, Vinay Parekh, Kenneth Stoller, 17 pgs
  10. Integrated Approach to Treatment Expansion, Lexie Bergeron, 19 pgs
  11. SAMHSA Medication Assisted Treatment Capacity Expansion, Melinda Campopiano, 9 pgs
  12. The Supply of Buprenorphone Prescribers: National and Regional Trends, Hannah Knudsen, 29 pgs
  13. The Implementation Context: Barriers and Facilitators to Medications for Opioid Use Disorder, Mark P. McGovern, Tiffany Hunt, Emily Barber-Dubois, Paul, McLaughlin, 20 pgs
  14. Psychosocial Treatments for Chronic Pain: Applications for Patients with Opioid Use Disorders, Patrick Finan, 28 pgs
  15. Psychosocial Treatments for Chronic Pain, Supplemental Handouts, Patrick H. Finan, 5 pgs
  16. Buprenorphine Panel Resource Sheet, 1 pg, CNT March 2016





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