The Center for HIV, Hepatitis and Addiction Training and Technology (CHHATT) is maintained by The Danya Institute, as part of the Central East Addiction Technology Transfer Center (CEATTC). The goal of CHHATT is to provide information on addiction-related HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, and other infectious diseases. Resources include professional development materials and online information. The CHHATT has developed “Outreach Competencies- Minimum Standards for Conducting Street Outreach” (Outreach Competencies). The Outreach Competencies were designed to provide the minimum competencies needed for outreach workers in the area of addiction and infectious diseases. These competencies are available for purchase in booklet form in the Products and Resources section of the website.  (Click here to dowload the Outreach Competencies)

Another product that is available is the “Trainer’s Guide For the Community-Based Outreach Model to Prevent HIV and Hepatitis Among Drug Users.” This toolkit includes a trainer guide, which is designed to provide trainers of outreach workers and other healthcare professionals with the materials necessary to provide a 4-hour multimedia training session on the community-based outreach model for preventing HIV and the hepatitis C virus among out-of-treatment drug users. Included in the trainer’s guide are professionally prepared PowerPoint slides, cue cards, flip charts and a CD -ROM which allows you to tailor the script of the presentation. The toolkit can be ordered by going to the Products and Resources page of this website.

CHHATT has also produced a Mobile Outreach guide that is designed to assist community-based organizations in planning for a mobile outreach intervention program. This small fold-out brochure is chock full of information on how to implement a mobile outreach effort. It can also be ordered through the Products and Resources section of this website.  (Click here to dowload a copy of the Mobile Outreach guide)

If you would like more information about the products and services offered through CHHATT you can click here to view our CHHATT brochure or call: (240) 645-1145.


Highlights from the AIDS 2012 Global Village


Tuesday, July 24, 2012. Click here to download the toolkit from the HIV/AIDS AND BEHAVIORAL HEALTH NETWORKING RECEPTION - The Intersection of HIV/AIDS and Behavioral Health within the Caribbean Diaspora:  From DC to Town and watch a slideshow of highlights below:


Select Presentation slides from our June 2012 "WHAT'S NEW:  STD, HIV, HEPATITIS, FAMILY PLANNING AND ADDICTIONS" Conference.

Outreach Competencies / CHHATT Conference

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