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ATTC Messenger

(formerly the NFATTC Addiction Messenger and now an ATTC systemwide e-publication called the ATTC Messenger; past issues of the former Addiction Messenger are linked at the end of this section)

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The ATTC Messenger is a monthly publication that communicates tips and information on best practices in a brief format.  Earn 2 continuing education hours (NAADAC approved) by reading a series of three issues and taking a pre-post test.  The cost for the 2 CEHs is $20.

Current issues of the ATTC Messenger can be found by clicking here.

Past issues of the Addiction Messenger:

Clinical Practices (October - December 2011)

 Technology Transfer (July - September 2011)

Trauma Informed Services (April - June 2011)

Healthcare Reform and Behavioral Health (January - March 2011)

Continuing Care (October - December 2010)

SBIRT (July - September 2010)

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (April - June 2010)

Medication-Assisted Treatment (January - March 2010)

Integrating SA & MH Services (October - December 2009)

 Twelve Step Facilitation (July - September 2009)

Conflict Management (April - June 2009)

 Prescription Medication Abuse (January - March 2009)

LGBTQ Issues in SA Treatment (October - December 2008)

The Returning Veteran's Journey (July - September 2008)

Implementing Recovery Management (April - June 2008)

Family Participation in Addiction Treatment (January - March 2008)

Nicotine Cessation (January - March 2007)

Improving Agency Processes (April - June 2007)

Motivational Incentives (July - September 2007)

Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care (October - December 2007) 

Problem Gambling (January - March 2006)

Treatment Planning (April - June 2006)

Methamphetamine (July - September 2006)

Using and Building Motivational Interviewing Skills (October - December 2006)

Family Treatment (January - March 2005)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (April - June 2005)

Counselor As Educator (July - September 2005)

Clinical Supervision (October - December 2005)

Contingency Management (January - March 2004)

Group Skills (April - June 2004)

Research and the Clinician (July - September 2004)

Recovery Support (October - December 2004)


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