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Welcome the the HIV Rapid Testing in Substance Abuse Treatment Programs Blending Initiative. Please view the video to the right and browse through all of the fantastic resources we arrowhave compiled for you.


Background Information

Implementation Resources

Our Partners

SAMHSA Advisory

CDC Information on
HIV Rapid Testing

SSA Directory

CDC Guidelines

State-Specific Testing Laws

AETC Training and T/A

AETC Directory HIV
Outreach Programs

Agency Budget Worksheet for
HIV Rapid Testing

Delivering HIV Rapid Test Results:
FTCC Video and Discussion Guide


Blending Team Members


Lisa R. Metsch, Ph.D.- University of Miami
Bruce Schackman, Ph.D.- Cornell Medical College
Louise Haynes, M.S.W. - LRADAC
Christine Higgins, M.A.-Johns Hopkins University
Tim Matheson, Ph.D.-San Francisco Dept. of Public Health



Richard Spence, Ph.D. – Gulf Coast ATTC
Pamela Waters, M.Ed. - Southern Coast ATTC
Mike Wilhelm - Mountain West ATTC
Nancy Roget, M.S. – Mountain West ATTC

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