HCV Current Initiative Training and Events

January 2017 through February 2017 events

02/07/2017 » Increasing Hepatitis C Knowledge for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Providers
The training modules cover opportunities for promoting HCV screening and testing, strategies for linking patients to treatment, available treatment options, and patient considerations for treatment.
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02/24/2017 » Viral Hepatitis for the Substance Abuse Professional - NYC
Clients in substance abuse treatment facilities present with a myriad of issues including Hepatitis C (HCV) as a result of their drug history. This one-day training will provide an overview of viral hepatitis with a major focus on HCV. Substance Abuse professionals will understand prevention of Hepatitis, how to identify at risk populations and offer HCV screening, and understand how to support the client undergoing treatment. To help familiarize participants with basic information on Viral Hepatitis, progression and impact of infection, tests used to confirm Hepatitis C (HCV), and support the HCV infected client in care.
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